Two young children after receiving Neurofeedback therapyTwo young children after receiving Neurofeedback therapyLearn MoreSano means “to heal.”  At Sano Wellness Center, our vision is
to address root causes of health issues to facilitate permanent
healing so that you and your family can move forward.
Supporting Children
Learn MoreA breakthrough non-invasive brain exercising technology to support
those experiencing ADHD, anxiety, brain injury and more.
Learn MoreSports Medicine: Healing from sports injuries and optimum
performance. Sano Wellness Center supports athletes of all levels.
Supporting Athletes
Young lady receiving Telehealth Consultation from Sano WellnessLearn MoreWe are pleased to provide Telehealth consults to serve our clients needs.Telehealth Consults
Learn MoreCaring for your health naturally utilizing a comprehensive combination of safe
and effective natural healthcare methodologies including Neurofeedback.
Getting to the Root Cause
Image of Dr. Christine Stueve, D.PSc., PhD, ND, DMBM


Dr. Christine Stueve, D.PSc., PhD, ND, DMBM

Christine Stueve, D.PSc., PhD, ND, DMBM I am a mom of four boys, wife and Licensed Doctor of Pastoral Science & Medicine. As a Doctor of Philosophy in Natural…


Success Stories

In all the years I have been going to Sano, I never cease being impressed by the humble and loving way they work with their clients; it goes beyond anything I have ever encountered! I was told I would have less than 5 years to live if I didn’t pursue chemo treatment, that was simply not true. When the side effects began stressing my body to an extent that couldn’t be tolerated, even the lowest dose was detrimental to my health – I thought I had no other options. I want to thank all of Sano; Dr. Christine and the staff I’ve worked with that have blessed me spiritually, physically, and emotionally. The Sano family has been a constant part of supporting my healing and my fight to overcome CLL. I have utilized stress reduction therapies at Sano and I am blessed to be healing and thriving! This has been a path of determination and commitment, hope and healing, growing and learning in all aspects of my life. So thankful, grateful and so very very blessed by Sano and their extended team of practitioners led by Father God, who I believe is the foundation of these amazing places of health, wellness and healing. My family and I thank you all so very much for the outstanding care that has allowed me to thrive!

Shelly A.

I had been having pain in my Sciatic nerve for multiple weeks, especially while playing sports. After visiting Dr. Christine at Sano Wellness Center, I stopped having pain, and could get back into my sports. Extremely thankful.

UPDATE: I can’t thank you enough. Despite my follow up email awhile ago, I’ve kept up with the Vegas nerve exercises, and I’ve been feeling great. My bench press jumped from 145 max to 175 max in the matter of weeks. Thank you so much.



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