Support Innate Healing of ADD and ADHD Symptoms

How Can Neurofeedback Support ADD and ADHD Symptoms?

Clients with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) typically have an imbalance in Delta and Beta brainwaves. With Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT) training, your brain becomes more balanced over time. A brain that is in balance leads to improved focus, better concentration, improved memory, and less impulsivity.

First, We Measure Your Brainwaves

Before we begin, we assess your brain’s brainwaves using a brain map, also known as a qEEG (quantitative electroencephalogram). The test itself is painless, non-invasive and takes about twenty minutes to perform.
The results will enable our certified neurofeedback practitioners to support the innate healing of the brain using light and sound.

Neurofeedback Is An All-natural Technology

A typical neurofeedback training session is about 30-60 minutes long. Thoroughly relaxing, clients sit in a comfortable chair and watch a movie or listen to music. During the training session, we will place two to four small brainwave sensors on your scalp so we can monitor brain activity in real-time. If the brain goes too fast or too slow, the audio and visual aspects of the video will alter slightly, causing the brain to reduce or increase activity accordingly.
This process of assessment and feedback is known as operant conditioning. It is a fully natural approach that uses the brain’s own ability to learn to help it work more efficiently.

Endorsed by Pediatricians like Dr. William Sears for ADD and ADHD

According to Ask Dr. Sears, “With neurofeedback, the child exercises the nerve pathways that control attention and mental processing. As these neural pathways are exercised, children develop a sense of what concentration feels like and get excited about it. After practicing these exercises over some time, the pathways involved in attention and learning seem to work more efficiently. This enhanced brain activity becomes a natural part of the child’s functioning.”

Pediatricians like Dr. Sears compare neurofeedback training to the same kind of training children get when engaging in gymnastics or piano lessons.

Stress Reduction Therapy is lasting

Remember when you learned to ride a bike or swim? At first, you could have been better at it, but with practice (and feedback), you learned how it was done. Neurofeedback works in the same way – and just like riding a bike, it produces new, healthier neural pathways that remain for a lifetime.

Find Out How Neurofeedback Can Help!

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