Anxiety and Panic Attacks

What Can Cause Someone to Suffer with Panic Attacks and Anxiety?

Anxiety and panic attacks can occur when the brainwaves are out of balance due to trauma of various kinds. Specifically, if there are too many Beta (High Frequency) brainwaves on the right side of the brain, anxiety, and in severe cases, panic attacks can create stress patterns that affect the brain and the body in a negative way.

Neurofeedback Can Improve Your Brainwave Balance

At Sano Wellness Center, we can assess your brainwaves using a computerized brain map. This advanced technology can measure your brainwave activity. If your anxiety and panic attacks are the result of any underlying brainwave imbalances or unresolved trauma, this assessment will allow us to support those areas. The process is painless, and the information gained will allow our certified neurofeedback practitioners to support trauma and stress reduction enabling the brain to innately heal.

The Training Supports New, Healthier Neural Pathways

During the training session, you get to sit back, relax, and watch a video or a movie that you like. While you watch the movie, there will be two small sensors placed lightly on your scalp that assess your brainwaves, and our equipment will provide audio and visual feedback based on your brainwave activity.

For example, if you start having anxious thoughts, that means there are too many Beta brainwaves. When this happens, the movie goes dim, and the sound goes down. During a normal 30 to 60-minute training session, this feedback can occur many times. In response to the audio and visual changes, the brain develops new, healthier neural connections. This is a natural learning process known as operant conditioning.

An End to Panic Attack Symptoms

One of the main benefits of neurofeedback is the long-term relief it can create. Over time, the training sessions help the brain develop permanent new pathways in the brain. As with learning any new skill, such as how to drive a car, these new pathways remain long after your last training session is completed. As a result, the improved brainwave balance allows you to be calmer and more in control of your thoughts and feelings – naturally!

Find Out How Neurofeedback Can Help Now

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