Stress Reduction Therapy & Trauma Resolution

Children Support

It has been proven from a neuroscience perspective that trauma is anything unresolved in the brain. Webster’s definition of trauma is “emotionally disturbing or distressing. ” The interesting variable is that each of us perceives trauma differently, which directly impacts the level of stress each of us manifests or feels by way of symptoms. These symptoms can range from anxiety to sleep disturbances to autoimmune conditions to severe dysfunction on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically, energetically, and chemically. Fear and other negative emotions, thoughts, or states of being alone can create symptomatology. The chemicals created by fear and how those chemicals suppress the body’s immune response while ramping up the body’s stress response can create a communication breakdown internally. Stress reduction therapy is a key way to help the body on all levels process stress, trauma, and fear while supporting the body’s innate ability to heal at the same time. Stress Reduction Therapy for children at Sano is a very effective way to support optimal function and reduce a child’s perception of life and responses to life. Reflex dysfunctions are common when children cannot process stress or trauma effectively. The brain communicates with the rest of the body through reflex responses. When they are inactive, children can have coordination issues, processing problems, and, most of all, dysregulated behavior. This can cause parental stress to increase, thereby increasing opportunities for chaos internally and externally.

Children, as they develop, can be impacted very differently depending on the age at which they experience fear, trauma, or stressors. Our team at Sano is uniquely equipped to support children of all ages in walking in victory over stress, trauma, and fear.


Trauma, from a neuroscience perspective, is anything unresolved in the brain and nervous system, creating stress on any varied level(s) spiritually, emotionally, physically, energetically, and chemically. Stress Reduction Therapy, from a biblical perspective, supports the resolution of trauma individually based on applying truth to the individuals’ perception of the unresolved stressor. An example would be fear that is entrained in the mind due to a shock event or trauma, which creates chemicals that negatively impact the brain and body. This causes stress response patterns if not appropriately dealt with in the mind. Replacing fear on all levels with love, for example, can reduce the daily stress in the mind, body, and spirit. Managing one’s mind, especially after a negative life event, is key to health and healing overall. According to Dr. Caroline Leaf’s neuroscience research, our thinking, feeling, and choosing are what drive our behavior. Negative patterns of stress, fear, sadness, etc., can create a negative internal environment that directly impacts how the whole body functions and takes direction from the autonomic nervous system.

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