Reflex Integration

Reflexes are an action or movement of the body that happens automatically without thinking as a reaction to something. They originate as a genetic program passed on during conception and can be acquired following birth. Reflexes remain visible and present throughout life and enable the body to maneuver and function (i.e. grounding, balance, centering, etc.). When not properly engaged, problems can result in interruption of brain development, muscular and structural disorder, structural misalignment, regulation issues with emotions and behavior and unproductive learning styles.

Who benefits from reflex integration?

  • Those with emotional and/or physical trauma (past or present)

  • Anyone under significant periods of stress

  • Following injury or illness

  • Children with cognitive (learning), motor, speech, vision, auditory processing, emotional and behavioral challenges.

  • Anyone who struggles with eating disorders, addictions, PTSD, fear and phobias

  • Athletes desiring to enhance and fine tune performance

  • Physical conditions: MS, Parkinson’s, CP, Dyslexia, etc.