Who We Serve

Sano means “to heal.”  At Sano Wellness Center, our vision is to address root causes of health issues to facilitate permanent healing so that you and your family can move forward.

  • We strongly believe in informed health care choices; so we strive to offer education and information so you can make choices for your health care that best suit you.
  • We look to support the whole person not just symptoms.  We consider emotional, spiritual, chemical, physical and energetic components and support our clients’ body systems to reduce stress allowing the body to heal as God intended.
  • We work with all ages of individuals and believe it is never too late… or too early… to strive for balance and complete health.

Stress, trauma and disconnectedness cause physical symptoms from fatigue to cancer and every condition in between.  Sano is a faith based, alternative stress reduction therapy clinic. We specialize in alleviating stress which can positively transform lives. Our focus is on health and healing through the application of scriptural truths alongside natural resources, therapies and modalities. Let our passion and our purpose be to glorify our God!

  • Children (Foster, Orphans, Neurologically Challenged & Abused)
  • Autoimmune (Neurological Disorders, Cancer & Degenerative Conditions)
  • Athletes (Concussion, Optimal Performance, Endurance & Injury Prevention)
  • Active Military and Veterans (PTSD, Toxic Overload & Pastoral Support)

The Neuroscience Institute of Pastoral Medicine (NSIPM) focuses on supporting our communities that are hurting and not responding to mainstream care. Join us in this endeavor with your tax deductible contribution. To make a donation, click here. To learn more about NSIPM, click here.

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